Tooth whitening

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Tooth whitening?   Many people seek whiter teeth but there are a number of ways tooth whitening can be achieved. tooth whitening can help you to show off your smile, personality and improves your confidence. To many it shows that you have a good and healthy lifestyle. More importantly, they tooth whitening can make YOU feel great! The American Academy…

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Smile Makeovers at Rock House Dental Practice

Orthodontics, Braces

Do you want Straight Teeth – then read how Orthodontics can help you using modern methods Every time you switch on the TV or read a popular magazine, you will see celebrities with beautiful straight white teeth. Not everyone is blessed with a bright white beaming smile. Here in the UK, our teeth and smiles are…

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What are Dental Implants?

Rock Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants? A dental implant is used to replace a single tooth or many teeth that have been lost. They provide function in the same way that natural teeth would. A dental implant fixture is a titanium screw – it acts a bit like a raw plug that you would use in a…

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Botox® Busting Myths – Botulinum toxin

Ati-Ageing-Treatments botox

Busting Myths about Botulinum toxin (aka BOTOX®)   MYTH: The best time for anti-wrinkle treatments is when the lines appear FACT: If you can get ahead of the game, it may help you in the long run. Waiting until lines become etched into the skin means it’s much more difficult to smooth their appearance again.…

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How does Sugar damage your teeth?

Dentist Wolverhampton

You are told by your Dentist that sugar is bad for your teeth, but how does it actually damage them? If you are concerned about your teeth and sugar intake then visit your dentist! Dentist will tell you that eating too much sugar can lead to tooth decay, but are you aware of exactly how that…

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Banish Bad Breath

Orthodontics, Braces & Straight White Teeth

There’s no doubt that bad breath, or halitosis, can be embarrassing. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get bad breath under control. Here at Rock House Dental Practice – we can help you! The Key to Fresher Breath To ensure that your breath is fresh, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene. If you…

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PEDMORE – Dentist collects top professional gong

A PEDMORE dentist is filling a cavity in his trophy cabinet with a top award for being the best young practitioner in the midlands. Anoup Nandra, aged 31, who is a partner at Rock House Dental Practice, collected his gong at a prestigious ceremony in Leicester where the UK’s top professionals gathered to celebrate the…

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